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Kiwifruit Tree Plants

Kiwifruit plant is suitable for a climate other than the Mediterranean one, but strangely Italy is the first kiwi producing country in the world. This is because it is possible to recreate a microclimate that can host the plant and allow it to grow and bear fruit at its best.

The fruits are long oval berries with a robust skin covered with hairs. The pulp is firm, sweet and only slightly acidic.

Kiwi is rich in vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants which make it useful for counteracting and preventing certain ailments: it promotes digestion, strengthens the immune system and reduces cardiovascular risk.

Originally from China, the kiwi was considered a real delicacy by the Chinese emperors. During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, it gradually conquered land in other countries, such as in New Zealand, where it took the name of the local symbolic bird. But maybe you don’t know that today the second world producer of kiwifruit after China is… Italy!

piante di kiwi
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