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Varieties and species suitable for warm climates

Heat Tolerant Plants For Warm Climate

Warm areas or regions with Mediterranean climate are better for hosting early ripening varieties that needn’t many hours of cold weather exposure. All the stone fruit varieties are perfect for these conditions, whereas only a few pome ones are recommended, e.g. pear trees.

Areas usually subject to heat waves and low water availability cannot meet the cold temperature needs of these plants, thus attention must be duly paid to ensure a proper and homogeneous flowering. In the same way, late varieties may be seriously affected by the lack of water and this has a major impact on their growing as their right size might not be reached completely.


pera crea pianta


ciliegia nimba pianta


ciliegia frisco pianta


pesca najireine pianta


pesca najireine pianta


albicocca nirosa1 pianta


albicocca farbela pianta
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