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The plum or prunus is one of the most widespread and varied fruit trees which constitutes one of the pillars of orchards all over the world.

The fruit can be eaten fresh or for preserves, distillates, jams or dried; usually sweet and pleasant in taste, in some varieties it needs to be cooked with sugar to be edible due to the sour taste.

Given the great diffusion over time, countless varieties have been created that are able not only to grow in almost any orchard or garden, but also to give their sweet fruits throughout the summer and beyond.

The plum tree has the typical umbrella or sapling shape, of medium size: from 3-4 to 6-8 meters in height depending on the variety. Sometimes gnarled, it has usually white flowers that already appear in early spring.

In Europe there are more than a thousand varieties, in colors that can range from yellow to dark purplish. They often have curious names: Boccon del Re, Coscia di Nun, Favorita del Sultano, Fiocco del Cardinale. We also point out the “Reine Claude”, so classified in honor of the first wife of Francis I, who had the tree grafted in the garden to, as we read verbatim: “to make everyone gasp”.

piante di susine
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