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Rootstocks suitable for non-irrigated soils

Drought Tolerant Plants For Non Irrigated Land

For this type of soil, the choice is limited to vigorous or very vigorous rootstocks able to adapt to marginal soils or under difficult conditions. For peach trees, Gf677 is undoubtfully the most versatile and adaptive type of rootstock, as it grows even in non-irrigated soils but still being able to produce a good quality of crop. For apricots and plums, the choice inevitably falls on Mirabolano29c or Gf677, but with peach tree used as an inter-stock.

Seedling rootstock is the only option for pear trees, although its use is generally limited to summer-ripening varieties such as William, Carmen* or Crea194*.

Apple trees are usually grafted exclusively onto dwarfing rootstocks: therefore, we don’t recommend their planting in non-irrigated soils,

as well as per apple tree – especially for Actinidia cultivation. The same thing is applicable for cherry trees where dwarfing rootstocks can’t be used; conversely, vigorous rootstocks such as Colt are recommended, as they are more suitable for clayey or heavier soils – usually plains. In hilly areas or lighter soils, rootstocks like MaxMa60 or the brand new Krimsk5 are preferrable;

the latter is particularly interesting because it combines high adaptability with faster fruiting and enhanced fruit quality. Generally, in marginal soils or soils with low water availability, precocious cultivars should be preferred.

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