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Apricot Tree Fruit Production

The apricot is a very large fruit with an ovoid shape of an orange-yellow color with crimson shades, slightly dotted with red. Very fragrant fruit, with an intense orange pulp and a sweet taste.

All apricot varieties prefer the milder areas of Italy and suffer greatly from spring and late frosts.

Apricots are fruits rich in Beta Carotene, essential for the production of Melanin, a substance that protects from the sun’s rays and facilitates tanning.

They contain vitamin A which strengthens bones and teeth and boosts the immune system; they are also an excellent source of potassium and have low calorie content.

Although originally from China, it was Alexander the Great who discovered the goodness of these fruits in Armenia, so much so that the apricot kernel is still called “armellina” in some dialects of Northern Italy. But the merit of its cultivation in the Mediterranean goes first to the Romans and later to the Arabs.

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