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Rootstocks suitable for clay soils (heavy soils)

Soils with a high amount of clay particles are usually suitable for cultivating different types of rootstocks, depending on the water availability or the location.

As per warmer areas with a limited water availability, we suggest you use vigorous rootstocks such as Gf677 for peaches and nectarines, or Mirabolano29c for apricots and plums. As per cooler areas with higher water availability, you can use less vigorous rootstocks for peaches and nectarines, such as Puebla Adesoto or Istharà Ferciana, while Rootpac®R can be a good choice for apricots.

Quince trees, such as Ba29, are generally used for pear trees in specifically dedicated areas; however, in the past few years seedlings rootstocks, self-rooted Conference and Farold40® have been increasingly used to face the dieback of pear tree plants on quince. As per apple trees, M9 and its clones are still the most widely used rootstocks so far.

Basing on irrigation and planting pattern adopted, cherry trees may be planted either using Colt for low and medium density pot and fan-trained trees, or using dwarfing rootstocks such as Gisela® series (5 and 6) for high and very high-density tall spindle-trained trees: in this case, a good irrigation system is needed.

Kiwifruit is a species that is not usually grafted in land but grown and multiplied in vitro; however, the use of Bounty rootstock as an alternative to meristematic tissues, has recently increased and it has shown very interesting results even in case of unsuitable planting conditions for Actinidia, such as heavy or coarse-textured soils. In here, one of the most frequent pathogens is the fungus Armillaria particularly after replanting. To protect the plant against it, there is a range of preventing strategies, from the use of natural antagonists to very deep tillage, but the most effective and long-lasting method is the use of less susceptible rootstocks, like Puebla Adesoto and Rootpac® R, which tend to be more resistant and can be used with rootstock or inter-stocks on almost all stone fruits (Marianna or Adarà®).

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