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White Lady Peach Tree Plants

Its scientific name is Prunus persica. It is a tree that can reach a height of five meters, resistant to temperatures of -18° and even over 40°C. In Italy, depending on the area and the variety, their harvest takes place from May to September.

The common peach is characterized by yellow or white flesh with a thin and velvety skin on the surface.

Peaches are purifying, digestive, vermifuge and useful for circulation or against headaches. They are rich in water and fiber, low in calories, fat-free: peaches are fruits indicated in low-calorie diets, both for their nutritional values ​​and for their ability to satiate.

They also possess antioxidant properties, mildly laxative thanks to pectin, but above all diuretic.

For the arrival of peaches in the Mediterranean area we have to thank Alexander the Great. In fact, it was he who brought them to Rome: he was struck by them while visiting the gardens of Darius III in Persia.

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