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Strawberry Plants

The strawberry is a rosacea belonging to the genus Fragaria, whose numerous species are spread across all continents.

The current varieties of strawberry seedlings all belong to the octoploid species Fragaria x Ananassa (2n = 56), derived from the hybridization, which took place in 1766 and by chance, of two octoploid, dioecious species widespread in the American continent: F. chiloensis and F. Virginian.
A third species F. virginiana subsp. glauca has been used in breeding activities to introduce the remontant character.

The strawberry is a perennial plant where the root system originates from the crown and deepens for about 25/30 cm into the ground. Most of the cv cultivated today has hermaphroditic flowers and is aurofertile, but there are examples of cultivars with imperfect flowers, i.e. only female (pistilliferous) or only male (staminiferous), which require cross-pollination.

Following fertilization, what is improperly called fruit derives from the receptacle, but in reality it is a false fruit.

The real fruit of the strawberry is in fact the achene.

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