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Alba NF311*

The plant has average vigour and can be very productive, up to 1,2 kg per plant.



Alba NF311* Variety

PLANT: the plant has average vigour and can be very productive, up to 1,2 kg per plant.
Alba prefers a continental climate and requires considerable exposure to low temperatures. Suitable both for under frame cultivation and open ground, it is the reference variety for organic production. Spread and appreciated in many European countries.

FLOWERING AND PICKING: Medium-early flowering (+2 days Clery). Very early picking, then same as Clery.

FRUIT: early cultivar with very large fruit size (25 g), constant from the beginning until the end of picking. Consistent and uniform long conical shape. Bright red skin and light red flesh, long shelf-life. Ripe fruit with quite good organoleptic characteristics. The fruit is easy to pick, 30% larger yield than any other variety.

AGRONOMIC ADVICES: early transplanting is suggested to obtain high production. Alba prefers well-drained soils, but not very sandy and with raised beds of land. Alba is susceptible to Colletotrichum acutatum (Antracnose) and to Gnomonia fragarie (leaf spot).

® Trademark reproduction prohibited. * Variety protected, multiplication prohibited

Ripening: EARLY
CPVR n. 16744
Selected in the trial fields of New Fruits s.a.s

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