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Rootstocks and plants for sandy soils (light soils)

Sandy soils or gravels need the utmost attention in terms of water availability and irrigation systems; the latter should be preferably fixed.

In case of limited water or no irrigation, vigorous rootstocks such as Gf677 should be preferred for peaches and nectarines, while Mirabolano29c rootstock – grown using meristematic tissues, is mostly indicated for plums and apricots.

Seedling rootstocks are widely recommended on pear trees, alternatively you can use Farold40® that is perfect for William and Carmen pears; instead, self-rooted Conference rootstock is an excellent option for Abate Fetel cv.

For apple trees, the choice inevitably falls on dwarfing rootstocks like M9 or Pajam® 2; these rootstocks, as well as Gisela®5 and/or Gisela®6 for cherry trees, do require a very good irrigation system as they are capable of growing on very light soils, but with at least 6 months a year of fixed irrigation.

As per cherry trees, an interesting option to more traditional system is Krimsk5 which can be planted anywhere, both in irrigated and non-irrigated soils thanks to its high adaptability. Make sure you don’t underestimate the presence of pathogens, since they are frequent on this type of soils; therefore, we recommend you pay the utmost attention by carrying out a micro-biological analysis of the soil before planting.

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