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Rustic, of medium vigor and erect habit, with good productivity.



Variety Glorielle

PLANT: rustic, of medium vigor and erect habit, with good productivity. Variety with cold requirements, suitable for continental climates, particularly suitable for quality productions in tunnel (protected cultivation).

FLOWERING AND HARVESTING: very early flowering (-3 days Clery), as well as the harvest time (-4 days Clery).

FRUIT: very sweet and tasty, very attractive for its heart-conical shape, medium size (20-24gr.) and nice bright red colour. The fruit has a sugar content and a consistency such as to make it extremely suitable for direct sale.

TECHNICAL TIPS: to preserve the very early picking-time, a crop-protection during flowering is recommended (if necessary).

Editore: Stefan Kreage (Germania)
Privativa comunitaria: CPVR n. 2019/1746

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